Michael B Shoes


Michael B Shoes collects new and gently worn shoes to donate to Soles 4 Souls who distributes them to people in need across the world. Thanks to your generosity you have played a part in the over 30 million shoes distributed to over 127 countries. Soles 4 Souls has coordinated relief efforts for the Asian Tsunami as well as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. They are in constant preparation for when the next disaster will occure.

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Help Soles 4 Souls change the world - one pair at a time. Please bring in your new or gently worn shoes to us so that we can package them ans help get them to those is need.

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Shoes keep people healthy, happy and thriving.

In many developing nations, walking is the primary mode of transportation. Every day millions are exposed to unsanitary conditions that lead to diseases. These diseases may lead to sickness, even death. They also keep children out of school leaving them without an education and continuing the cycle of poverty.

With your help, we can provide a life-changing solution: a good pair of shoes.

Naot Giveback

Michael B Shoes has partnered with Naot Footwear to donate over 100 pairs of shoes to Family Promise of Indiana County. This value of over $14,000 was made possible by our valued customers either trying on a pair of shoes or purchasing them. Thank you for making a difference and assisting in an organization that brings the community together to help families regain their housing, independence, and dignity.